Diet and Meal Plans

This page will be a work of art in action as I get more and more supportive literature available for clients to purchase online… to help you benefit in part from the programmes that I am writing for my private clients.

The following PDF diet guidance and menu plans are now available to order. Please follow the links to immediately download your order; changing your health starts today!

Fat rules for health, ideal weight, and body composition PDF







The first article which I have added to my blog as a free article is also available as an e-book.

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High protein breakfast for weight loss PDF





This is a quick start breakfast plan for weight loss recommended for the initial phases of weight loss. I recommend that you follow this plan for approximately 4 weeks before review. This high protein breakfast plan is recommended for body fat loss with improved energy, satiety, and hormone balance.

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High protein breakfast for athletes PDF





This breakfast is recommended for:

  • strength athletes
  • power athletes
  • athletes on a weight loss or fat loss regimen
  • for field sports such as rugby, NFL, football
  • for explosive sports
  • for field athletes in between season when the intent it to limit fat gain during the break from training and match play.
  • this breakfast may also be cycled as part of a body building or figure models regimen to improve fat loss
  • hypertrophy phases
  • for avid gym goers with higher energy requirements

The high protein breakfast is suitable for male and female athletes.

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Carb rules for weight loss PDF

This PDF sheet explains which carbohydrate foods are recommended for persons seeking weight loss and optimal body composition.  You are also given guidance on which fruits and vegetables, grains and tubers are your best choices whilst aiming for weight loss. Guidance is given to those participating in training and sport so as not to influence performance and recovery adversely.

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